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Monday, August 20, 2012

Forex Managed Account Review

Creating Passive Income From Forex Managed Funds
Managed Forex Account is a type of Forex trading where the owner of account grants permission to the experienced traders to trade from his or her account to earn profit. The trader trading from the owner´s account is the manager of the owner´s account.
Manager has permission to trade in the Managed ForexAccount on behalf of the owner. The permissions of the trader are limited to trading only and he cannot deposit any extra fund to the account or withdraw from it to his or her own account.
On this occasion I would like to review some of the managed account program that can be useful to the reader  is the professional traders’ team working in the sphere of Forex marketing
eforex...provide account management services in the scope of four projects: SMA (Separately Managed Account), PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module), Free Account Management (account management without fees) and T MMA  Managed Forex Accounts.
The Tridence ( T ) MMA is a traditional managed account, with the exception that you will enjoy the benefits of diversifying your investment among multiple traders.   This reduces risks, and increases the probability of a smoother equity curve than one would expect from a single trade.
Annual Average Return       63.91%  Worst Draw-Down    11.4%
Highest Month                     11.12%   Lowest Month           -1.75%
% Winning Months  95.12%            Avrg Monthly Return 5.33%
RISK SETTING Closes stop if the account loses 40% of its value.
Performance Fee $25K+ : 20%  - Fee Under $25K  : 30%

Gedamo Investments is a global company operating in the financial markets, with a focus on currency international market, the Forex. The service they offer is highly personalized and conducted in the strictest confidentiality. Gedamo Investments provides the ability to manage and expand portfolios and business of customers through a structured approach and flexible investment strategies in the long term.
Gedamo FX ALPHA Fund – Managed account Program
Total Return Since Inception: 99.36%  since January 2009          
Compounded Annual Return: 30.61%  Avrg Monthly ROR: 2.29%
Winning Months: 25     Average Gain:   3.24%
Losing Months: 6          Average Loss:    -1.67%
Highest Month  8.98%  Lowest Month   -2.43%

Total Return Since Inception: 35.01%      since January 2010
Compounded Annual Return: 12.32%     Average Monthly ROR: 0.98%
Winning Months: 25       Average Gain:   1.28%
Losing Months: 6            Average Loss:    -0.28%
Highest Month  3.71%    Lowest Month -0.64%

TheFXHelpers.. was created to help Retail and Institutional Investors achieve above average returns through alternative investments such as Forex Managed Accounts.They have 5 funds and 2 of them have superb returns

The news goes through the world instantly and within minutes the movements have taken place and the markets have settled back down. With the NewsFlash Fund, you can take advantage of these mammoth movements. The NewsFlash trader has generated over 4000% return in profits over the last year.
The NewsFlash Fund trades typically last less than an hour with some Oil trades lasting a day or more.
Trades Oil and other major world currencies
Over 4000% in returns, Profit Factor above 4
Reward: Risk of greater than 3:1

Blue Rock Fund – Managed account
With the Blue Rock Fund you get consistency and long term stability. The trader of this fund has over 5 years trading experience in Forex and has managed funds for some of the largest institutions.
Seasoned trader with over 5 years trading experience
Consistent returns of between 3-5% monthly
30% drawdown protection

Consistency Fund – Managed account
Fund performance in Forex can be hard to predict. However with the consistency fund, forecasting future profits has never been so easy. Like clockwork this fund produces consistent results each month.
5% on average a month returns, Over 60% returns for the last year
Close to 70% of trades are winners, Mostly trading the GBP/USD currency

Midas Touch Fund – Managed Account
The Midas Touch trading strategy enters positions with the intent of holding the position for a period of 24 – 48 hours. Each trade is looking to capture on average a minimum of 90 pips.
93.33% winning rate during the last trading year., Catches close to 90 pips per trade.
Over 300% in returns, Profit Factor of 5.61:1
Typical trade lasts 1-2 days

The Investment Manager of the Prudent Fund has been trading for 9 years, starting in 2003. The trading strategy and methodology are continuously evolving based on the ever changing market conditions and dynamics. The main trading strategies are Swing Trading, Day Trading and Scalping.
Swing Trading, Day Trading and Scalping
Monthly benchmark returns of between 5-12%
Never risking more than 0.5-1.5% a trade
Maximum drawdown from peak to trough between 5-8%
Yearly benchmark returns of between 50-75%
Trading for 9 years, since 2003

TheFXHelpers have informed me that they are accepting US clients. However, serious investors will open up an offshore llc for tax benefits.... For more info, contactTheFXHelpers...


Pedro Pacheco said...

Great, the EUR is finally recovering.

Sue Rother said...


I'm looking for a forex managed accounts site. I only invest in websites where I can see the myfxbook of the strategy. I see in your post, that eforex trading is showing the myfxbook. Anyone can tell me others websites where you can check the myfxbook of the strategies?

Thanks a lot!

Euis Kurnia said...

Hii Sue...

Haiii sue how are you, glad you are visiting my blog,
about managed accounts, as far as my experience in FX managed acct I trust with something that I can see a REAL LIVE, meaning that at any time we could monitor and take action when things go wrong done, for that I prefer over ZuluTrade. ... why do not you try with some providers that may be of interest to you learn early as a few of these: or
Or a list can be found at the website below:

Happy Christmas
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