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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trend Finder Indicator

Spikes Trend Finder

I want to share a new system that I've been using.
It's very simple, Still room for improvements. Or eventually,
to semi-automate it. And send an email alert to my phone,
When conditions are right.

Well lets get to it.

1. You use the Day, 4h, 1h, Charts
2. Always trade with the trend
3. Always set SL, And TSL.
(All others = 50/50)

You start with 2 MA's, An 18 smoothed open, With a 14 smoothed closed
These are to verify over all trend

Next, You will have 3 sets of RSI's on the bottom.

First set : 2 RSI's , An 88 period open, And a 56 period closed, No set min or max

Second set : 2 RSI's , An 88 period closed, And a 56 period open, No set min or max

Third set
: 2 RSI's , An 2 period open, And a 2 period closed, set 0 min and 100
max With 20,80 lines, Or 10,90 lines, Your chose

In a downward trend,
You wait until price hits, or passes the first MA,
On the 1h chart,Before you ever look for a reversal.
Of coarse, The closer to the average you can get on
the day chart, the better.

First, Look at the MA's, And make sure they are
staying parallel, Or expanding

Next, You look for a cross, On all 3 RSI indicators at the bottom

Then I place my trade with SL, And TSL.
I don't use a TP, But a TSL instead.
I'm a big fan of set it, and forget it trading

You would just reverse this for an upward trend.

---- sbudij by Spike fx factory ------


idcardsunlimited said...

Nice blog..I am looking forward to read your next great article.

Arrow FX said...


Wah seneng ketemu blog forex Indonesia yang umurnya terbilang senior.

Saya juga suka karena blognya fokus dan spesifik di teknikal indikator.

Ngobrol-ngobrol, saya sudah menempatkan link anda di blog saya.

Jika sempat, bolehkah Anda menaruh link saya juga? Terima kasih

Steave Lock said...

could you please clarify which are figures you use for MA? or just standard ones?
many thanks

Ekurnia said...

To SteaveLock, pls sent me yr email adrs, I wl explain via email

To Arrow Fx. sorry baru jawab ... nanti akan dipasang link nya, mhn bersabar...

lavi said...

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arun said...

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